Getting start with nutanix

Hi everybody, and welcome back.

I decide to strat study/use nutanix software.

The big problem are ” i don’t have a nutanix server”. The workaround is use the nutanix ce (community edition” on-premies.

Let’s start:

  1. Download the community edition from site


After download, we should be create a dedicated vm with this parameters:

The Minimum System Requirements for Community Edition:

Servers 1

CPU Intel CPUs, 4 cores minimum, with VT-x support

Memory 16GB minimum

Hot Tier (SSD) One SSD per server minimum, ≥ 200GB per server

Cold Tier (HDD) One HDD per server minimum, ≥ 500GB per server

Networking Intel NICs


Extract image from .gz file and rename ce-flat.vmdk, after download the txt file from

and create ce.txt


Some screenshots:




Then use “install” for login


Now you have 2 options: 1. is fixed the ip or use dhcp.

In every 2 options, nutanix worked.


Ok, now you have a nutanix nested lab.

Thank you

My new Mac

Hello to all,

After 15 years with windows os (and at the same time linux distro like ubuntu / sles) I changed last month to apple.

I think it’s important to change in life and I decided to start changing hardware.

After 28 days with apple, I can say “this Mac is good” (MacBook Pro i7-16gb-256gb-15 “)

The hardware allows me to run a vm’s at the same time and to perform normal operations.

I can say to suggest this hardware.

Shortly my setup and my first experiments.